I hate sports

I hate sports

I am a NFL widow that used to work for Palm Bay Raccoon Removal Company. Every football season I lose my husband. Glued to the T.V. or out with the boys to watch games. I don’t like sports, never have. Maybe it’s because I grew up without a dad. Maybe it’s because after years of cheer-leading I still don’t really understand the game. I think it’s just my natural reaction to rebel. My husband is obsessed with the game, therefore I naturally want to dislike it. Either way, from August – February my husbands world revolves around football, and not just his favorite team either. He is one of those guys who keeps up with the stats and who’s ahead in each conference or whatever it’s called.  His mood fluctuates with the scores, he yells at the TV, he argues with complete strangers over which team will make it to the play offs and why his team is better than theirs. It’s really annoying and I really wish it would stop.

The only issue is, at the end of football comes Basketball Season. I can’t win.

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