All the caffeine please

All the caffeine please

I am a caffeine ¬†addict just like Animal-Pros. Coffee, energy drinks, and soda are my best friends. I start my day with 3 cups of coffee minimum. ¬†Around lunch I switch to soda and then around the 3 o’clock slump I start on energy drinks.

Recently however, I decided to cut down on soda and energy drinks and actually be nice to my body by giving it more water. This has resulted in headaches and being REALLY tired, I also have to pee all the time. I’m told there’s benefits to this whole drinking water thing but I’m not seeing it yet…


The only thing getting me through life right now is coffee. If anyone tries to tell me it’s bad for me and I should stop drinking it, i’m just going to stop being friends with that person. I don’t need that type of negativity in my life.

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