A Story about Rats

A Story about Rats

veernadhana was a merchant’s son who was not successful. He faced a loss in his business and lost all his money.

He thought of travelling to a different part of the country to seek success.

He had inherited a very costly iron balance from his ancestors. When leaving, he mortgaged the iron balance to a nearby merchant in exchange of money for his travels.

He travelled all over the country, and had a successful travel. The merchant’s son then decided to return to his home town.

After his return, he went to the nearby merchant’s place and asked for his iron balance, “O Friend! Please return the iron balance that I had kept with you.”

The other merchant did not want to return it, he said, “I do not have it anymore. We have a problem with rats. The rats are eating up everything. They have eaten up your iron balance, too!”

At once, the merchant’s son knew the truth. He replied, “If the rats have eaten it up, there is nothing that you can do. Anyway, nothing can last forever!”

He continued, I am eager to go for a bath in the river, please ask your boy to help me carry my belongings, and to look after them while I take my bath”

The other merchant agreed, and called his son, “Son, this is your uncle. Please accompany him to the river and keep watch so that none of his belongings get stolen.”

So, the merchant’s son and the boy went to river. After he had taken a bath, the merchant’s son took the boy to a nearby cave. He kept the boy inside the cave and blocked the entrance of the cave with a big rock. He then returned to the other merchant’s place.

When the other merchant saw his friend returning alone, he asked, “Where is my boy? Why have you returned alone?”

The merchant’s son replied, “I feel sorry for you. When I was taking my bath, your boy was standing on the bank. Just then, a flamingo flying above swept down and carried your boy off in its claws. I could do nothing!”

On hearing this, the other merchant got angry. He said, “You are a liar! A flamingo can never carry a boy as big as him, in its claws. I shall complain about you to the village elders.”

At once, the other merchant dragged the merchant’s son to a nearby village elder and started complaining

The other merchant said, “He is a disgraceful man, who has kidnapped my son.”

The village elder instructed, “How can you do this? Return his son to him immediately!”

But the merchant’s son was unmoved. He said, “There is nothing that I can do. A flamingo swept down and carried him off in its claws from the riverbank!”

Hearing this, the village elder got angry. He shouted, “How can a flamingo carry a child? You are lying!”

The merchant’s son replied, “Sir! In a city where rats eat iron, why cannot a flamingo carry a child?”

The village elder was amazed to hear this, “Where does a rat eat iron, does the rat poop have iron in it? What is the meaning of what you say? Please explain yourself clearly!”

The merchant’s son narrated the entire sequence of events to them and explained how he had hidden the merchant’s boy in a cave to get his iron balance back.

When the village elder, and everybody else who had crowded there heard the story, they started laughing. The other merchant was embarrassed.

The village elder instructed the other merchant to return the iron balance to the merchant’s son immediately, and recover his son from the cave.

The wise indeed say:
‘Tit for tat’ is the best policy in life.


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Las Vegas Wildlife Management

Las Vegas Wildlife Management

The Las Vegas Valley of Nevada has wildlife management challenges for property owners and some exceptional pest control not seen in other areas of America. The same challenges apply whether it be, residential, commercial or multi-family home.

The Las Vegas pests that are common include:

Bedbugs – parasites sucking blood
Ants – pain in lawns and houses
Venomous spiders – brown recluse and black widow are the predominate species
Crickets – of an issue the sound if captured inside walls during building they make
Roof rats or rats that are black – growing amount of roof rats from overhanging trees getting access to roofs
House mice – usually get use of properties through cracks or openings
Pack rats – nest that is known for his or her tendency to collect things and collect them in the place they
From a Daytona Animal Removal perspective, the challenges include:



Removing from attics. Open place or any little opening enables bats entry for roosting. The ensuing difficulties include odor from collecting bacteria and feces dangerous to people but not to bats

Some places near the outer rings of the valley have issues with in lawns or rattlesnakes close to residential dwellings. The typical remedy relocating it and is attentively getting the snake.

Removing due to disease and the stench taken in their own droppings from eves and roofs in commercial and residential places
The amounts of coyotes in the urban areas are growing particularly around golf courses. The coyotes locate an ample food source in the bunnies grazing on and around.

Most kinds of wildlife are protected by State or Federal Authorities, so cannot trapped or be poisoned. Generally, wildlife causing difficulties are captured using means not dangerous to the creature and relocated to places they WOn’t cause a hazard to pets or people. The State of Nevada offers support and training for pest control businesses offering those kinds of services.

Wildlife Management and Vegas Pest Control offers some unique challenges. From scorpions in your backyard to coyotes in your road each day, the desert Southwest can be different than other areas of the US.

Henton To Transfer To Georgia Southern

Henton To Transfer To Georgia Southern

It’s being reported that Antonio Henton has decided to end his career as a Buckeye and transfer to Georgia Southern. I don’t think this is to surprising considering that Pryor has just arrived and I’m sure Pryor is impressing in practice and Henton must have seen what was ahead for Pryor, which probably made him see that he wasn’t going to be the starter.

Henton was thought to be a bigger Troy Smith when he decided to come to Columbus. The Buckeye offense seemed to operate well with a dual threat QB and Henton was believed to be the next potential dual threat QB at Ohio State. Unfortunately for Henton, a very special player who also was a dual threat QB decided to become a Buckeye. This is what happens when you get a lot of top notch talent in every incoming class. Some of the players want to be starters, realize they may not do that and decide to leave. Henton will probably play almost immediately. He is a very talented player and he won’t have to sit out a year.

Good luck Antonio Henton the Buckeye Nation wishes you well.

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